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The JoyFund Team consists of Founders, CEO's, C-Suite Execs, Investors, and deeply skilled Tactical Operators who thrive on getting their hands dirty in addition to providing comprehensive strategic guidance.

We assist with capital investment and bestow a massive network of fellow founders, investors, accelerators, clientele, partnerships, influencers, talent pools, and powerful business advisors vested in your success.

We live by our principles and believe actions speak louder than words. Who and where we invest in, and how we show up authentically for our partners & founders, is where JoyFund stands uniquely.
We believe in integrity, honesty, and transparency in how we invest, and the feedback and guidance we give.
We aim to spark jöy with our partners, portfolio co's, and leverage 10x strategies to drive the most impact
We invest in founders, companies, causes & products whose ethics we can stand behind with confidence.
Expect excellent character, skills, leadership and results. We thrive in reaching collective peak potential.
If the JoyFund Principles resonate and you are interested in partnering, working, investing, or joining us, please say hello |
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Roy Chung

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Keno Peer

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